We manufacture our garter belts in sizes S, M and L, whereby in most cases the size is the same as the panty size - here, however, our starting point is always that the garter belt is worn at the waist or slightly below. If the garter belt should be worn on the hips, then we recommend the slightly larger size than the panties. By the way, there is no right or wrong here, whatever you like about yourself is allowed <3

If you'd like to measure, here's our recommended garter belt size:

It is best to measure your waist for this. To do this, measure horizontally at the narrowest part of your upper body. Try neither to pull in your stomach nor to breathe in extremely, but to stand and breathe "normally" 😉

waist circumference Garter Belt Size
62-72cm S
73-79cm M
80-88cm L

If you are unsure or need a different size according to the measurements, please contact us, either by email to atelier@koerbchen-wien.at or by phone on +43 1 5444662. We will be happy to advise you and manufacture it if necessary also gladly a different size for you!