Size selection

Our sizes are made up of two components, firstly the underbust measurement and secondly the cup size:

The underbust measurement refers to the actually measured width directly below the chest in centimeters and is usually between 70 and 85cm. If you measure a circumference of around 74cm here, we recommend, for example, an underbust measurement of 75. If the value is exactly an intermediate value, it is quite important on the personal feeling of comfort: Do you like the (already pleasantly soft) underbust band tighter (then prefer to reach for the next smaller size) or rather loose - then rather larger :-)

It is very important to us to offer many different sizes, because of course every woman is different; and the fit is particularly important to us as trained bespoke tailors.

That's why we distinguish 10 different sizes in our "normal" range of sizes (see above), but due to the great demand, we have also had XL cups in our range for a long time, which cover a whole range of larger sizes. The special thing about it - as with all our bralettes - is that we specify underbust size and cup size separately, so our XL cups are available from size 70 to 90 :) You can see how the "conversion" works exactly in the question below!

Incidentally, in our studio we have an even more extensive range of sizes, namely M/L cups, which represent exactly the intermediate size between M and L (because that happens again and again ;) ) and the normal range of sizes has been expanded by several "margin sizes", i.e. about M85, L90, XL100, etc... If you need a size that we don't have in the online shop, please write to us at and we'll be happy to advise you!

In some models, which in our experience work very well for larger bust sizes in terms of support, there are also XL cups in our online shop. This can be converted to “normal” bra sizes as follows:

70XL- 70E, 70F

75XL - 75E, 75F

80XL - 80D, 80E, 80F

85XL - 85D, 85E

90XL - 90C, 90D

If you are unsure, please contact us! And if you somehow have the opportunity, from our point of view it is of course always best to try on the bralettes - this is of course possible in our studio, and at all trade fairs we attend too :)

It is relatively common for us to be "confronted" with underbust measurements under 70, but quite often the "problem" here is that we specify bra sizes differently than is often the case in bra fitting:

Our 70s bralettes are based on an actually measured circumference of around 70cm, but the finished bralette is a lot narrower due to the elasticity of the rubber, between 8 and 11cm depending on the model (i.e. finished width 59 to 62cm). Many other labels indicate bra sizes according to the finished width of the bra, which often results in these bra sizes of 60H, 65D, etc - in our experience, the best thing to do is to measure the actual circumference directly below the breast :) it can very often be the case that you have a 65D elsewhere, but a 70M fits perfectly with us, simply because of the different size calculation :)

Of course, it also happens again and again - but rarely ;) - that a value is actually measured far below 70cm below the breast - in such a case we can of course also make a bralette specially for this width, so you can help us very much just contact us at!

In general, the following point is very important when it comes to bra sizes: Normally, the smaller the circumference, the higher the letter that is written next to it :) We have very often "accommodated" very tall letters in our bralettes, because of course every label uses different cuts and sizes, and especially if you have done a professional bra fitting, in our experience, the result is often quite high letters with very small numbers ;) because the circumference is calculated as -10cm, and because of the narrow circumference very large cup results. Here are a few examples that we have already used successfully in our studio: "usually" 65C - 70S for us, "usually" 60H - 70L for us, "usually" 75J - 85XL for us - just to give you a small excerpt give :)

Of course we don't want to say that the bra sizes are "wrong" elsewhere, of course they often fit very well, we just give the sizes differently, and of course our bralettes fit completely differently because they don't have underwires, so don't despair if you wear a very unusual size - it's best to just ask us, we'll be happy to advise you :D


All our bralettes and panties come with washing instructions on the label, and you can ALWAYS wash our laundry in the washing machine, because we use very high-quality lace and materials that can withstand it very well :)

We generally recommend washing the laundry at 30° delicates in a laundry bag, because of course the following applies: the more carefully you treat the laundry, the longer it stays beautiful <3

Just be careful - as with all elastane-containing materials - with bleaching agents, especially chlorine: This will damage the elastane threads in the lace, so it's best to make sure that your detergent doesn't contain anything ;)

In general, however, one can say that machine washing our bralettes and panties is quite good :) and with the detergents that are common these days, even low temperatures are enough to get everything nice and clean again <3


Of course, you can also return items that don't fit - we want to make laundry that's super comfortable and makes you happy, so if it doesn't fit it doesn't make any sense ;)

What to do? It's best to contact us first by email to, one of us körbchens will answer you directly :)

In general, we also have a return period of 2 weeks, although we don't see it that strictly for unworn items - we still ask that you contact us as soon as possible in the event of a return.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer free return shipping, as that would simply exceed our capacities as a very small company, so you have to take care of the return shipping yourself.

A return generally works like this for us: you simply send the unsuitable items back to our studio (Atelier körbchen, Margaretenstraße 80/3, 1050 Vienna), and we will refund you the amount as soon as the laundry has arrived - usually in the same way you paid for the purchase. Please also enclose a small note in the return package stating who you are and, ideally, your order number.

If you want to exchange something, for example to a different size, we will definitely find a solution for that too. Just write us an email. We will be happy to advise and help you to find a better size or a more suitable model for you and will then be happy to exchange it.
In this case, we also ask you to take care of the return shipping yourself, we will then pay for the new shipping, as a small concession, because we are very happy if you decide to buy a basket part.

Ah yes, and that should actually go without saying, but of course we can only take back underwear and swimwear that has not been worn. So please try panties over your own underpants for the first time, and don't do any extreme tests with the bralettes if you're not sure whether you want to keep them ;)