We make our swimsuits in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL, these sizes fit as follows (for a height of 1.58-1.75):

XS fits panty size XS and bra size S70 and M70

S fits panty size S and bra size S70, S75

M fits panty size M and bra size M70, M75, M80, S80

L fits panty size M and L and bra size L75, L80, L85

XL fits panties size L and XL and bra size XL 75, XL80, XL85, XL90

Of course, we are aware that there is a need for a lot more variety of sizes, especially with swimsuits, since it is a one-piece suit - if you are unsure about the size, or have a very long/short upper body or a very special size, please write to us please send an email to atelier@koerbchen-wien.at , we will be happy to advise you or sew the swimsuit in the special size you need!