Über die richtige Pflege unserer Wäsche

About the right care of our lingerie

Again and again we are asked how best to care for our lingerie, and whether such fine lace lingerie actually has to be washed by hand - and the answer to that is very simple:

We want to make favorite underwear that you like to wear and want to wear every day - and that's why our underwear is also wonderfully easy to care for and can of course be washed in the machine <3

We recommend putting our körbchen pieces in a lingerie bag so the lace doesn't get caught in the machine or on other items of laundry. Of course, the more carefully you wash our pieces, the nicer it will be, so ideally only at 30 degrees delicates. It would also be important to avoid using fabric softeners and detergents that contain bleach, as bleach attacks the elastane fibers. Otherwise, körbchen pieces are very easy to care for.

We are all enthusiastic about our product ourselves and wear and wash everything ourselves. As a matter of principle, we only use very high-quality and durable materials, because we believe that your favorite underwear can only become your favorite if you integrate it well into everyday life can, and of course the care is an essential point <3