We manufacture our loungewear in sizes S, M, L and XL. The sizes can be converted as follows:

Size S fits dress size 34/36 very well.

Size M fits dress size 38/40 very well

Size L works great for dress size 42/44,

Size XL fits well for dress size 46/48

Since our loungewear dresses are not inherently tight, but instead we make softly falling cuts that gently caress the body, there is less choice of sizes here.

If you'd like to measure, here's a little guide with measurements.

BU = chest circumference: Measure the chest horizontally at the widest point - you can see best where the measuring tape is on the side in the mirror. Try not to inhale or exhale excessively, or squeeze your chest.

TU = waist circumference: Measure the waist circumference horizontally at the narrowest part of your upper body. Try neither to pull in your stomach nor to breathe in extremely, but to stand and breathe "normally" 😉

HU = hip circumference: Measure the hip circumference at the widest point of your bottom (you can see this best in the mirror from the side).

BU do HU
XS 77-82cm 60-65cm 84-90cm
S 83-88cm 66-72cm 91-95cm
M 89-96cm 73-79cm 96-103cm
L 97-104cm 80-86cm 104-111cm
XL 105-115cm 87-103cm 112-120cm

If you are unsure, please contact us by email at atelier@koerbchen-wien.at or call us on +43 1 5444662 , we will be happy to help you <3