Our panties generally convert to the following sizes:

Panty size XS fits dress size 32/34 very well.

Panty size S fits well for 34/36 - if our S panties are cut quite small, there is often no XS size.

Panty size M fits 38/40 great.

Panty size L works great for dress size 42/44.

Panty size XL fits clothing size 46/48.

If you would like to measure again: Measure the hip circumference at the widest point of your buttocks (you can see this best in the mirror from the side). This measure can then be converted to our sizes as follows:

hip circumference (widest point) size with us
87-90 XS
81-95 S
96-103 M
104-111 L
112-118 XL

If you are unsure, you are of course welcome to contact us, either by email to atelier@koerbchen-wien.at , or you can call us on +43 1 5444662, we will be happy to advise you!