With this bikini top, we rely on the same, proven sizing system as with our bralettes, since this top is not adjustable in width and we therefore manufacture the top in a wide variety of widths.

The sizes are made up of two components, firstly the underbust measurement and secondly the cup size.

The underbust measurement (UBW) refers to the actually measured width directly below the chest in centimeters and is usually between 70 and 85cm. If you measure a circumference of around 74cm here, we recommend, for example, an underbust measurement of 75. If the value is exactly an intermediate value It all depends on your personal comfort level: Do you like the (very soft) underbust band tighter (then you'd better use the next smaller size) or rather loose - then rather bigger :-)

Our cups are available in S, M, L and XL, whereby the cup sizes can be converted to "normal" bra sizes as follows:

S cup: fits very well for A and smaller B cups (recommended for 70A, 75A, 80A, 70B)

M cup: fits very well for B and smaller C cups (recommended for 80A, 75B, 80B, 70C, 75C)

L cup: fits very well for C and D cups (recommended for 85B, 75C, 80C, 70D, 75D, 70E, possibly 80D)

XL cup: fits very well from D cups (recommended for 70F, 75E, 80D, 85C, 90B, 95A)

With our non-wired cups, which softly adapt to the shape of the breast, it can also happen that two different cup sizes fit someone well, but the smaller one creates more detail, the larger one "packs in" more - around 75C - here it really depends individual well-being!

If you are unsure, you are also very welcome to contact us (e.g. at atelier@koerbchen-wien.at), we have already accommodated a lot of breasts in our bikini tops <3

Cup: A Cup: B Cup: C Cup: D Cup: E Cup: F
UBW: 70 S70 S70 M70 M70 or L70 L70 XL70
UBW: 75 S75 M75 M75 or L75 L75 XL75 XL75
UBW: 80 S80 M80 L80 XL80 XL80
UBW: 85 M85 L85 L85 or XL86
UBW: 90 L90 XL90 XL90
UBW: 95 XL95 XL95